Skiing Weekend (10/06/2000 - 11/06/2000)

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Our unit, Jindabyne, NSW Hiring Skis, Darren, Jase, Mad + Julie Greg + Lucy, Perisher Blue

Jason Lining up for our first ski! Lining up for Sven, hunky ski instructor!

Greg + Megan's snowman! Greg's version of a snowball! Extreme skiing!

Playing in the snow... Big Kids! Speaking of BIG kids!!!

Usual 2 hour lunch break! Megan + Greg 'My fiance wears tights!'

What concentration!  Julie in action (Jenga) Bowling Club for dinner 'I don't recommend the soup!'

Greg + Megan, Thredbo Nature's Snowcones! Ski accident victim!

Thumbs up for the snow! Megan...