Melbourne Weekend, Lyn's 50th Birthday and Housewarming (16/09/2000)

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Enroute to Melbourne! Fiona and Beloved Bear Bear...

Fiona, Bear + Lucy Susannah + Fiona Suze, Lucy + Lisa

Fiona's favourite pasttime! Brighton Bath-houses Greg + Lucy

Fiona + Lucy Lucy + Greg Gorgeous Huts

Fiona + Flipper Cute! Lucy + Fiona

I'm a Star! Luna Park, St Kilda Lee + Susannah, Mel. city

Inside Lee's bachelor pad..

Franz, Cindy, Greg + Lucy Brook + Greg Maree + Geof

Geof, Howard, Josie, Max + Maree Howard + Josie Geof + Lyn Linda, Alex + Peter Chris + Sally David + Linda

Julie + Greg Howard, Maree, Merl + Christine Honor

Julie + Linda Peter + (the elusive/camera shy) Megan

The Birthday Girl, Lyn Tim and friend