Lucy's Hen's Day, Sydney, NSW (Saturday 31/03/2001)

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Madalena + Gayle 'Make me beautiful please!'

Aaron... Gorgeous Annie

The team at the ANA Beauty Parlour Lisa + Anne Beauty Queens??!

Susan + Mad Annie + Lucy Gayle, Susan + Anne

A spot of relaxing...

'Mirror Mirror...'

'What have they got planned for me?!'

More chins than an asian phonebook!

Rio's Brazillian Restaurant, Sydney (Saturday 31/03/2001)

Fiona + Lucy

Rebecca, Liz + Jeni The elusive Megan

Gayle + Dawn 'Peace Baby!' Group Shot

Anne, Helen + Kanella Lee + Dawn

One of the Brazillian dancers Annie + Lisa

Gayle + Lee Getting boogie with it!

Our Entertainers... Break-dancing anyone?!

On the dancefloor... Kanella gets lucky!