Hong Kong (27/12/2000 - 03/01/2001)

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The Star Ferry Lucy's! Stanley Markets

View from Victoria's Peak

HK Island (Central District) Very smoggy city! On the train to China

Greg + Kathy, our factory contact Factory Owners The Boss + Greg!

Outside our hotel, Park Hotel MTR (Train System St John's Cathedral

On the tram to The Peak Victoria's Peak

View from Victoria's Peak

Aberdeen Typical apartments Typical highrises

Our Sampan Sampan Owners Lucy + Greg

Floating Restaurants More sampans

Temple St Night Markets Yum! Fish Markets

NYE Almost midnight!

Waiting for MTR MTR Bargain Hunting!

The infamous Nathan Road Nathan Road by night Enroute to Singapore!

Singapore (03/01/2001 - 06/01/2001)

Our hosts, Simon + Sarah One of a million plazas! Lucy, Sarah + Simon

Our favourite eatery! Simon + Sarah, Singapore Zoo Pigmies, Singapore Zoo