Trafalgar Tour Part 2 (28/12/2001 - 8/1/2002)

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Boat ride to Venice, Italy! Spot the Aussie! Portia + Natalie

Venice, Italy! Venice, Italy!

Venice, Italyl Glass blowing factory

Famous Venician Glass Yours for only $6000AUD!!!

Bridge of Sighs Bridge to St Mark's Square Sunset in Venice

St Mark's Square, Venice Gondola Ride!

Bronze Juliet Statute, Verona, Italy Romeo + Juliet's Courtyard Ancient Roman Baths

Toilet Stop enroute to Austria! Gorgeous Austria Innsbruck

Innsbruck, Minus 14 Degrees Celcius!!! Innsbruck - Famous for the Golden Coin Roof + Mozart Chocolates! Minus 14 degress in Munich, Germany!

On our Bus! Lots of snow Castle Ruins

Cruise on the Rhine River, Germany Lucy + Ollie Portia + Ollie

Cologne Guess where?! Amsterdam, Holland! Cafe Stop

Canal Cruise, Amsterdam Jeannine (Guide) + Sven (Driver)

Back in Putney, London! Julie + Mike

On the Underground On a Red Double Decker Bus!

Kensington Gardens (Note:  Harrods bags!) Last Supper @ Wagamamas Enroute to the airport!  Homebound!